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Pediatric Advanced Life Support

In an effort to stay abreast care of children, nurses, EMT’s, and doctors take the AHA course PALS. All over America, medical personnel take this course to help evaluate and resuscitate children. Small and large hospitals utilize this course. It is AHA.


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Good Bye Summer

Even though the kids returned to school, and public pools closed, it is still important to maintain an exercise program. Walk in the woods or on a track. Take up tennis. Remain active. It helps prevent drug and alcohol problems.

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Swim for fitness

Until this summer Williamson residents could swim everyday in the Williamson City Pool. Swimming helps keep people fit as it cools the body from the heat of the day. It exercises the upper body, lungs, and heart. The Red Cross teaches water safety, and the Rotary Club helps sponsor training. The Williamson Pool caused collaboration with agencies and service clubs. The Kiwanis Club maintains the facility above the swimming pool. There are area tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, and parks managed by the park board. Williamson has good facilities though there are few doctors who practice. Activities reduce the allure of drugs, and help fight the War on Drugs.

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Swim for Exercise

In this warm summer swimming makes a great exercise. You can cool off while working your hear, lungs, and muscles. For over 40 years I taught lifeguarding using American Red Cross Standards. All workers at the pool took CPR and First Aid. Williamson Rotary Club sponsored the books. The Williamson City Pool always had a full complement of lifeguards. When Pearce Whitt became ill, the City Pool did not open this year. He worked hard every year to keep the pool open. We will miss him. Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.

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Doctor Training for Emergency Medicine

Once physicians complete medical school, they train for 1-12 more years to receive a certification or become a specialist. Every 3-5 years they recertify in their specialties. After many years of practice, doctors reduce practice hours. Some close their practices and work a few shifts in the emergency room. In order to hone their skills, many enroll in the Emergency Medicine Certificate Program offered by West Virginia University. For 2-4 years they become medical students and take classes to update their skills in care of emergency patients. Though it takes considerable courage and resources to practice medicine as a solo practitioner, it takes new skills to work in the emergency room. The EMCP program will prepare them for that role.

When the government closes doctors offices, it is difficult to re-enter practice. The government collects millions of dollars from physicians when they investigate physicians. Some of this money can be spent in programs such as the EMCP Program. The government is especially vicious when it takes money and jewelry from physicians without a valid search warrant. Government agents trample the rights of physicians and act like barbarian when take money and jewelry that they do not return in their illegal search and seizures.

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A zoonosis is a disease caused by an animal vector. Since dogs and cats are the most common pets, they produce the largest number of diseases. Recently a patient had a puppy with diarrhea. Soon the entire family experienced diarrhea also. The puppy infected the human family. Many families in WVA and KY have dogs and cats as family pets. One common infection is toxocariasis, caused by Toxocara canis, a worm. Over 50% of dogs harbor at least one worm. When infected children can display fever, chills, cough, rash, and failure to thrive. The diagnosis is made by ELISA from infected tissue. Albendazol and mebendazole effectively treat toxocariasis. Doctors work hard to treat their patients. When a doctor leaves a community a valuable resource leaves the community.

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Doctors recommend at risk population to immunize against pneumococcal Disease, the most common bacterial cause of pneumonia. All patients vaccinated with PPSV13 before age 65 should be vaccinated with PPSV23 as they turn 65. Patients who develop pneumococcal pneumonia experience many symptoms including fever, chills, shortness of breath, cough, and myalgias. Other pneumococcal infections include perioral cellulitis, infections in transplant recipients, otitis media, and meningitis. Doctors encourage immunizations to reduce or prevent disease. When law enforcement offices charge into a doctor’s office without a valid search warrant they violate the doctor’s rights and harm a valuable member of the community.

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Pneumococcal Disease

High risk adults need pneumococcal vaccination. Doctors work hard to care for patients and prevent disease. Patients at risk include those over 65 or under one year of age, immunosuppressed victims, and substance abusers. The PCV13 vaccine is made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, causes a T-cell response, and results in mucosal immunity. Pneumococcal vaccine will reduce the chance of pneumococcal disease in high risk populations. When law enforcement cause doctor’s offices to close, communities lose valuable members who work to prevent disease.

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Herpetic Neuralgia

Doctors urge all patients over 60 to have Herpes Zoster immunizations. It will prevent or reduce the chance of developing Herpes Zoster or Shingles. It begins as a painful rash or eruption in the distribution of a nerve or dermatome. When it occurs on the face, it can cause swollen eyes and rash. Patients benefit from taking the antiviral agent Ancyclovir. Symptoms can plague patients 1-6 months. Doctors work hard to keep patients safe. Public Health Departments and Rotary Clubs encourage immunizations.

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Painful Shingles

In the past people suffered with Shingles or Herpes Zoster. It created a painful rash in the distribution of a nerve. Following an eruption, the patient could experience pain in the distribution of the nerve. It is called post Herpetic Neuralgia, a common complication of Shingles, a viral infection. To reduce the chance of suffering from Herpes Zoster, the virus responsible for Shingles, patients should be immunized. Public health departments and the Rotary Club are committed to disease prevention through immunizations. Doctors work hard to keep patients healthy. When law enforcement close physician offices valuable people leave the community.

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